Will this be the world's first Hyperloop? Elon Musk's dream for travel at up 700mph moves closer to reality as India prepares to open bidding for its construction



Officials in India will soon be taking bidding for the construction of a functional hyperloop system running from Pune-to-Mumbai.


The ultra-fast, futuristic transportation system has been designated a 'public infrastructure project', funded by the successful bidder.


There are still many hurdles to overcome, such as certifying the hyperloop as safe for human passengers.


Virgin Hyperloop One is one of the handful of companies working to turn Elon Musk's dream of supersonic travel through vacuum tubes a reality.


Richard Branson's transportation venture and its partner DP World are the originators of the multi billion-dollar project, in the western district of Maharashtra, according to the Verge.

據the Verge網站報道,理查德·布蘭森的維珍超級高鐵1號及其合作伙伴迪拜環球港務是這個耗資數十億美元的項目的發起人,該項目位于馬哈拉施特拉邦西部地區。

The local go nment is expected to launch a formal bidding process for building a hyperloop


If given the go-ahead, the transport infrastructure would revolutionise the way we travel, making it faster than any other mode of ground transport currently available in the world.


Hyperloop's theoretical maximum speed is 700 mph (1,127 kmph).


Virgin Hyperloop One said it expects to win, at which point it will break ground on the world's first hyperloop.



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The Ophiuchi Hotline, Make Judges Elected, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

India? How will the passengers sit on the roof?

印度? 修超級高鐵,以后乘客要怎么坐在車頂上?


N Cognito, anywhere, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

India who we give millions to and most of their population live in poverty while India has a space program



Jon, Mos Eisley, UAE, 5 days ago

They should invest in sewage pipes before they invest in hyperloop pipes.



Here_we_go_again, Manchester, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Meanwhile the UK keeps pressing ahead with HS2 using a rail gauge introduced in the 1830s and offering journey times to London that are around 10% quicker than now - all for ONE HUNDRED BILLION POUNDS.............



LTHudson, London, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Meanwhile we build 125 mph HS2. We had steam trains that nearly went that fast. Progress. Lol



The NSA, Maryland, United States, 5 days ago

How will the people clinging on to the outside survive in a vacuum?



Codmonger, Sydney, Australia, 4 days ago

Meanwhile tens of thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of poor people in Indian don't have safe drinking water, Aid agencies want you to sponsor a child, so it's Government can waste money on this garbage.



Kadra, Ulverston, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Great they can use our go nment aid charity money to build it so they don't have to dip into their space program fund!



Larry718, Queens, United States, 5 days ago

Can't wait to see it in India with dozens of people hanging on the sides and tops of it as it shoots along...lmao...



WalterWyte, Berkhamsted, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

This is what we should be building instead of HS2



Basil Faulty, Faulty Towers, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Will they be able to sit on the roof?



Lord Belborough, Wakefield , United Kingdom, 5 days ago

It would be even more fantastic if it could be built between London and New York.



Pipeman, Baccytown, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Not a lot of headroom for the passengers on the roof



SGinNC, Fayetteville, United States, 5 days ago

On a bright note if something were to go wrong, it would be a very quick death.



Peter, London, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Why does India want a billion dollar hyper loop train? Surely the money is better spent on sanitation? Nearly 500 million Indians practice open defecation and 200 million have little or no access to clean water, causing a massive level of communicable diseases.




hastdu, australian refugee prison, Nauru, 5 days ago

They won't have room to stuff people on the roofs. And imagine sitting in a train with no windows for hours and needing to escape in an emergency.



russ927, Boston, United States, 5 days ago

How do you get oxygen to the occupants? HOW



Steve, London, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

I don't understand it. How is a country like India able to get such advanced futuristic transportation technology, while we in the UK are still debating about a simple train services HS2?! Looks like we are doing something wrong. And this used to our co.lony till not very long ago!



eric w, alloa, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Excellent idea! What.could possibly go wrong?



Kevworley, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

We send India, millions in aid



o__JOHN__o, Rat Town, Cameroon, 5 days ago

80% don't have toilets and almost this many have never used one.



tony, sale, United Kingdom, 4 days ago

Better that than HS2


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